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Introduction | Academie Engineering en Automotive august 2024

-De Introductiecommissie AEA

Dear future automotive or engineering student! we wish you a warm welcome at the introduction week of the HAN. This year will be extra exciting. Don't want to miss this event? Then sign up now for the introduction week! The introduction week is from the 26th until the 30th of August. Curious about the program? Follow the link to find the activities for your education. In the beginning of July you find a detailed planning about this week in your mailbox. In mid-August you will receive additional information and a packing list.

Be aware! The signups close the 12th of August. There are only 55 spots available. When signing up, please note down your shirt size, emergency number and any allergies and diet requests. See you in August!

-the intro commission AE

Don't forget to order your HAN Open Up intro hoodie! You can find it here.


€ 125,-

BTW vrijgesteld


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